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I'm Rich and I love motorway services. Any comments or feedback, please leave it here.

Visits to service areas in 2019[edit]

Services Name Road Date of visit
Abercynon A470 09/01/2019
Beckington A36/A361 18/01/2019
Berkshire Down A34 03/01/2019
Blenheim A44 03/01/2019
Cross Hands A48 09/01/2019
Didcot A34 03/01/2019
Eynsham A40 03/01/2019
Family Farm A34 03/01/2019
Folly Tower A472 09/01/2019
Gordano M5 09/01/2019
Michaelwood M5 18/01/2019
Oxford M40 03/01/2019
Pont Abraham M4 09/01/2019
Sarn Park M4 09/01/2019
Severn View M48 15/01/2019
Skewen A465 09/01/2019
Solstice A303 03/01/2019
Swansea West M4 09/01/2019
Thame A418 03/01/2019
Warminster A36/A350 03/01/2019

MSAs I have visited[edit]

Rich has visited 92 UK services (85.3%). Here they are on a map:

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