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Headquarters address:Westmorland Motorway Services Ltd
Westmorland Place

Westmorland are a very popular family owned operator. They are markedly different from the rest, being the largest independent operator. Their other facilities include the Rheged Centre and the J38 Truckstop.

With no major operators interested in taking on Tebay services, a local family decided to do so. Meanwhile, a government parliamentary secretary visited Germany and was impressed by the food offered by family-run service stations, and suggested the UK did the same. Little did he know that an isolated but important success story was brewing back in the UK.

It was a long time before Tebay became an established part of the motorway network, but when it did the nation took its uniqueness to heart. The company's growth was slow and steady, but 42 years later in 2014 they made a huge leap by opening the first part of Gloucester services, and acquiring the independent Cairn Lodge.

Westmorland Services

In 2014 Westmorland increased their motorway sites from two to four, plus Rheged.

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