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Fresh Food Café

Fresh Food Café
Locations:13 Fresh Food Cafés
1 Hot Food Co.
Associated names:Lavazza
Introduced:2008 (Hot Food Co.)
2012 (Fresh Food Café)
2018 (The Breakfast Kitchen)
Predecessors:Hot Food Co., RestBite

Fresh Food Café is Roadchef's current self-branded café, serving fresh takeaway food, salads, coffee and the most popular full meals.

Unlike most motorway restaurants created until then, all food is cooked behind a single ordering point, which minimises the footprint taken up by the restaurant and avoids the problem many services have found, where one of the largest facilities receives little use.

Roadchef are now trialling a click & collect service for Fresh Food Café.

Catering Experiments

In 2008, Roadchef registered the name Simply Put. It's thought this was just a proposal.

Roadchef introduced their new restaurant idea as part of a trial of a large shake-up of catering options at Strensham, under the name Hot Food Company, using a distinctive orange theme. After two years, the trial was declared a success, and more restaurants started to take that name: these were branded Hot Food Co. and used a red-on-white theme.

In October 2012, Clacket Lane and Norton Canes gained a stand from The Bread Kitchen, which was removed in late 2013. Lavazza was briefly trialled at Watford Gap southbound.

Decision Made

In 2012, as Roadchef continued their experiments with catering to see how to get the best result from customers, Fresh Food Café was introduced to Watford Gap. It uses a green colour scheme, and is slightly more slimmed down than it's predecessor, usually accompanying a full rebuild of the entire dining area. One novel feature is the menu written out across the wall.

Since 2014, more services have been refurbished and are now providing Fresh Food Café. Despite the investment, it should be noted that as trade is no longer as high as it would have been 20 years ago, the opening hours are shorter: the main target is the breakfast market. Smaller services do not have the restaurant.

The Breakfast Kitchen

The Breakfast Kitchen.
The Breakfast Kitchen at Magor.

In summer 2018, Roadchef introduced a new concept to Fresh Food Café where the café shares a space with Chozen Noodle and operates as 'Breakfast Kitchen' during the morning and Chozen Noodle during the afternoon. This concept was then later introduced to other sites in summer 2019.

The combined units take advantage of the limited demand for any meal other than a cooked breakfast, and the limited demand for Chozen Noodle in the mornings. The two units can work together to save space. When not in use, it displays the opening hours for Breakfast Kitchen.

Over the next few years, Breakfast Kitchen is expected to replace more Fresh Food Café units.


Fresh Food Café operate at the following locations. Branches operate as Fresh Food Café unless marked otherwise. [view on a map -  refine search]

COVID-19 update: This list does not include temporary closures caused by COVID-19. General advice here.

Hot Food Co. Locations

Hot Food Co. operate at one Roadchef services during the summer and busy times. This is:

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