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Associated names:reStore
Predecessors:Foodfayre, onRoute, Delice de France
Successors:Fresh Food Café, Hot Food Co.

Restbite is the last of Roadchef's buffet-style restaurants, with the company moving towards the counter-orientated Fresh Food Café instead.

Despite this change, some Restbites continued to see refurbishment, moving them away from a green colour scheme used when it was introduced in 2007, to a black one. Roadchef appear to be maintaining Restbite in older-style, free-flow restaurant services, and the newer options in services built around a central dining area, which is what the whole estate is moving towards.

Past Names

Killington services restaurant.
An onRoute restaurant.

Some of the past names for Roadchef's buffet-style restaurant include:

En Route: registered in 1983
Orchards restaurant: found in documents since 1983. Had distinctive green colours, aiming for a country kitchen-style.
Juggernauts: registered in 1993. May not have been used.
Foodfayre: had sections called Spaghetti Junction, Pizza Pasta and the Hot Range. It used a blue colour scheme.
onRoute: a return to a previous pun. Its flagship site was Norton Canes which boasted a "food theatre".


Restbite operate at some Roadchef services. They are:

Former Locations

Restbite used to operate at:

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