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Locations:6 Pantry & Kitchens, 2 Breakfast @ Arlo's
Associated names:Chow
Predecessors:EDC, Upper Crust

Arlo's is Moto's self-branded restaurant. It was first introduced to Chieveley in 2015 and was rolled out to Moto's neighbouring services during the first half of 2016.

It is themed around a patisserie, usually accompanied by a thorough redesign of the serving area. Unusually for Moto, the coffee served is not Costa but Extract Coffee Roasterswebsite.

Although it is functionally the same as the EDC it replaced, the revised menu and layout created a fresher appeal and one which Moto hopes will see a higher turnover. It has now become one of their preferred catering brands, but there still aren't many branches, as its introduction is usually accompanied by a thorough refurbishment.

Arlo's was one of a number of catering experiments Moto were looking at around the same time. Others included franchised branches of Harvester, and a pub brand called Bar & Grill.

In 2019, the Reading and Wetherby branches were made smaller. Under the new title Breakfast @ Arlo's, they will only be open in the mornings to serve breakfast, with Chow taking over the same unit in the afternoon. In doing so they save space for more popular fast food units.


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