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Associated names:Burger King, Julie's Pantry
Predecessors:Entrempts, Little Chef
Opening hours:Most 10am-11pm daily
KFC drive thru.
A KFC drive thru at one of the Extra services.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) can be found at most Welcome Break services.

The brand's UK operations were owned by Trusthouse Forte, so they introduced it to a few of the Welcome Break services they owned, starting with Keele in the early 1990s. At these would stand alongside Julie's Express. Forte were keen to introduce High Street names to ensure Welcome Break stood out.

The roll-out was put on hold when Granada purchased Forte. Granada eventually replaced Julie's with Burger King but left the KFCs untouched. When Welcome Break were sold off, the popularity of KFC caused them to open more. There were talks of Welcome Break opening KFC drive thrus, but these didn't materialise.

KFC can also be found at the newer Extra services. KFC once trialled 24 hour opening at their Beaconsfield site however this is no longer the case.

Moto had trialled KFC at Hilton Park in 2014, but this branch closed. In 2018 they started introducing KFC to other services.

In 2017 Euro Garages announced KFC had become one of their partners, and would be opening at some of their services, including former Little Chefs.

A 2017 investigation found that some of Welcome Break's KFC franchises had a significant mark-up, even by motorway standards.


For a short while Welcome Break started painting their services red, to advertise KFC. Services with KFC were also advertised rather sneakily from the motorway, because Welcome Break changed their logo to read "Welcome Break KFC". They were later modified to remove the Welcome Break logo entirely, replacing it with Starbucks, thus reading "Starbucks/KFC".


KFC operate at most Welcome Break and Extra services. They are: [view on a map -  Download on Google Earthrefine search]

A-Road Services[edit]

A-Road Drive Thrus[edit]

Former Locations[edit]

KFC used to operate at the following services:

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