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Brampton Hut services


A1/A14 Brampton Hut Interchange

Signposted from the road.


PE28 4NQ

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Single site located at a junction.


A variety of facilities positioned where the A1 and the A14 used to cross: it is now just a short detour from the new A14.


Catering: Brewers Fayre (Brampton Hut), Burger King Drive Thru, McDonald's Drive Thru, Starbucks Drive Thru, Subway Main Amenities: Meeting Room, Tourist Information Sign Hotel: Premier Inn Forecourt: BP, M&S Simply Food, Wild Bean Café, Air1 AdBlue

Parking Prices

First 2 hours free for all vehicles, after which all vehicles must pay £11 per 24 hours.

Parking is controlled by CP Plus on behalf of BP, with areas available for coaches and HGVs.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Brampton Hut
Great North Road
PE28 4NQ

Trivia and History

Starbucks and Subway.
Some of the latest additions to the service area.

The A1 Great North Road used to meet the A604 Thrapston Road at a flat roundabout. In the corner was the Brampton Hotel, which eventually gained its own petrol station.

In 1987, several local authorities created a joint policy for service areas on the new A14. This recommended providing new facilities at Brampton Hut.

Service stations were first proposed here in 1989, with proposals from The Petergrove Consortium & S.P.Morley, Norfolk House Group and Tim Martindale. Nobel Industries Sweden made a proposal for the other side of the roundabout. A plan from BP Express was put forward in 1992, followed by a joint application by BP and McDonald's in 1997. Although other facilities have since joined it, the BP forecourt remains the main facility.

The old Brampton Inn was positioned to the east of the small roundabout inside the service area; it was demolished to build the A1. A tiny section of the old A604 still exists, forming the entrance to the new development. A long part of the original A1 could also be reached from the service area (it ran east of the small roundabout), but much of it was torn up during the 2019 roadworks.


The site was built with space for a number of new developments.

Five retail units had been proposed including OK Diner and Costa as part of a number of plans put forward since 2011, but those have since been withdrawn.

Additional land by the entrance to the existing was developed by Brampton Valley Ltd. during late 2016 and early 2017. In August 2017, a Greggs, Starbucks Drive Thru and Subway all opened as part of this redevelopment. A Burger King Drive Thru later opened in 2018. A Costa is also planned to open here. A sign placed by the roundabout claims that this is the 'Brampton Hut services'. The Greggs store later closed in 2020.

The service area has benefited from rising traffic levels on the A1 and A14. In 2019 the new A14 Huntingdon Southern Bypass opened, which means traffic on the A14 will no longer be directly passing the entrance to the service area, and will instead have to make a detour. It remains to be seen whether this will cause a fall in custom, or whether the new road will fuel a rise in traffic levels.

It had been planned that the new road would open as a motorway; the A14(M). That plan would have meant that the different land owners here would have had to have agreed to meet the expectations of a motorway service area if they wanted any signs at all. The A14(M) plan was dropped at the last moment, which meant Brampton Hut can continue as it was, meeting the standards of a regular trunk road service area.


Wyboston (A1 southbound, 13 miles)
Astwick (A1 northbound, 23 miles)
Bedford (A421, 21 miles)
Services on the A1 Peterborough (15 miles)
Spaldwick (westbound, 4 miles)
Thrapston (13 miles)
Services on the A14 Cambridge (12 miles)

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