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Locations:158 services
Associated names:Moto, Euro Garages
Predecessors:Esso, Shell, Total
Successors:Esso, Gulf, Shell
BP express 1998.
A BP Express garage in 1998.

British Petroleum in the UK dates back to the 1960s and they consider themselves to be key leaders in helping the environment. BP are also the UK's largest trader of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

On the motorway, BP is very common and can be found at a variety of services across the network. They own the main lease at Burton-in-Kendal, Killington Lake and South Mimms, leasing the rest of each site to the operator.

As times change, BP insist that their name stands for 'Beyond Petroleum'. They developed a network of charging points called BP Chargemaster, which they intend to introduce to the motorway network to rival Ecotricity.

BP Connect

Full details: Corporate Sites

BP Express is BP's own-branding for the company's corporate sites, which includes the Heart of Scotland motorway service area. The brand BP Connect is used for some BP forecourt convenience stores, although many have been replaced by M&S Simply Food stores.

Wild Bean Café

Full details: Wild Bean Café

Most BP Express owned forecourts feature the Wild Bean Café, an own-brand restaurant selling snacks and coffee.

Motorway Operator

In the 1970s, BP were encouraged to bid to run entire motorway services. They bid unsuccessfully for Michaelwood in partnership with Shell, but did win Anderton and Killington Lake.

BP Truckstops

The brand 'BP Truckstops' was launched to promise "a new standard for truck drivers". It consisted of sites such as Barton Park and Alconbury, and later became Nightowl.

Motorway Locations

BP operate at many services. They are: [view on a map -  Download KMLrefine search]

A-road Locations

BP operate at the following signposted A-road services:

Former Locations

BP used to be found at the following signposted services:

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