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Premier Inn

Premier Inn
Locations:22 service stations
Associated names:Brewers Fayre, Table Table, Whitbread Inns
Predecessors:RoadChef Lodge, Premier Lodge, Holiday Inn Express
Successors:Days Inn
Premier Inn Watford Gap.
An old Roadchef Premier Inn.

Premier Inn (formerly Travel Inn and Premier Lodge) is a motel chain and was, for 10 years, found at most Roadchef services. Disappointing sales figures meant that in September 2010 the Roadchef sites were all changed to Days Inn.

Prior to Premier Lodge being purchased by Whitbread, RoadChef Lodge operated a marketing agreement with it, whereby the two brands would be managed separately but deliver the same product. In 2000, Roadchef changed their motels to become Travel Inns, but the two brands later merged.

Away From Motorways

In 2005 Premier Inn purchased a number of hotels from Holiday Inn, generally sites attached to pubs, under the Holiday Inn Express title.

The brand is owned and operated by the Whitbread Group.


Premier Inn operate at the following services:

Former Locations

Premier Inn used to operate at: