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The Holy Trinity

McDonald's Burger King KFC
The three logos.

The Holy Trinity, when talking about service stations, is a phrase used by fast food fans to describe a site which has the three big fast food brands: McDonald's, KFC and Burger King. Some will call it a 'Triple Whammy'.

Historically, Fleet and Woodall were the only two to achieve this accolade - in particular Fleet has acquired a fan club of its own. The combination dates back to the 1990s when Welcome Break were loyal to McDonald's and KFC, but were then taken over by Granada who were big fans of Burger King. At the time McDonald's were regarded as difficult to work with, so it was assumed no more would open on motorways.

More recently, Extra's policy of being open to working with any food brand has made it a common user of McDonald's and KFC. When they open their new site at Leeds in Summer 2019, they are expected to open a Burger King too. This will be the first genuine case of a triple whammy, as the Welcome Break examples are divided across a bridge.

Incidentally, for a short time Beaconsfield was the only service area to (just about) manage the combination of McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.