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Pizza Hut Express

Pizza Hut Express
Pizza Hut Express
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Locations:1 restaurant
Associated names:Deli2go
Introduced:1996?, reintroduced in 2017
Removed:2011-2014, 2018
Predecessors:Pizza Piazza, Pizzaland
Successors:Chozen Noodle, deli by Shell, Little Chef

Pizza Hut is an international pizza brand which was available in express format at several motorway service areas. It was tried by several different operators but never deemed successful enough for more to follow.

They were included in Granada's re-brand in 1996, so it's likely that there were several outlets at their services too.

Shell recently reintroduced Pizza Hut Express to their site at Beaconsfield, alongside a revised Deli2go hot food station. This was short-lived as it was later replaced by Jamie Oliver deli by Shell as part of a forecourt upgrade.


Pizza Hut operate at one A-road service area:

Former Locations

Pizza Hut Express used to operate at: