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EG Group (Euro Garages)

EG Group (Euro Garages)
Locations:1 MSA as an operator; 9 motorway forecourts; much more
Associated names:BP, Esso, Shell, Spar, Asda on the Move, Burger King, EG Diner, Greggs, Little Chef, Starbucks, Subway, Starbucks on the Go, Sainsbury's On the go
Headquarters address:Euro Garages
Euro House
Beehive Trading Park
Haslingden Road
BB1 2EE [map]
Phone number:01254 582111

Through the 2010s, the growth of Euro Garages has been phenomenal, with a portfolio which has grown to include hundreds of petrol stations and restaurants, one motorway service area, and a wide range of partner brands.

In 2016 Euro Garages merged with EFR Group to create EG Group, a brand name which has been introduced to their catering areas.

Company History

Euro Garages were founded in 2001 by the Issa family, with a single petrol forecourt in Bury. Since then the company has expanded rapidly, usually by taking over struggling, under-performing petrol stations and redeveloping them to provide additional retail facilities (with various franchise partners including Spar, Subway, Greggs and Starbucks), in so turning around their fortunes.

One of their biggest early bites was the former Bolton West services, which was rebuilt to provide two large, new buildings.

It was announced between April 2013 and September 2015 that Euro Garages had purchased around 300 corporate filling stations from Esso and Shell. Euro Garages added a selection of their partner brands to these sites as part of their investment plan, which caused a bit of public controversy as people preferred Esso's Costa offering and Shell's Deli2go over Euro Garages' new food brands like Greggs and Subway.

In June 2013, Euro Garages were the first operator to introduce Starbucks on the Go into their filling stations, replacing Coffee Nation.

Recently Euro Garages have been involved in a number of developments next to busy motorway junctions, including Markham Vale on the M1 and Banbury on the M40. Most of these aren't signed from the motorway (which would bound them by more regulations), but instead they rely on being highly visible.

Beyond Fuel

EG Group logo.
EG Group branding on the wall of one of their services.

Euro Garages' strategy continued, taking in large services such as Monmouth, including its lodge. They purchased motorway forecourts from more established operators who wanted to focus on retail.

Euro Garages started building new Starbucks buildings, usually drive thrus. Mostly these were alongside petrol stations they already owned, but some were not.

In December 2016, it emerged that Euro Garages were looking to take over Little Chef, and they purchased it on 1 February 2017. Many of these restaurants were next to forecourts Euro Garages had already acquired. During a long refurbishment process the smaller restaurants became franchises such as Starbucks or KFC, while the larger ones were converted to become several franchises under one roof, resembling a miniature version of some of the busiest service stations in the country.

Euro Garages generally advertise the brand names they operate more than their own name, but in 2018 this changed and prominent "EG Group" signage was fitted to many of their new restaurants. An all-black colour scheme was applied, possibly inspired by the corporate colours required at their Starbucks branches.

A brief partnership with Sainsbury's to introduce Sainsbury's Local stores didn't work out, however Euro Garages later opened small Sainsbury's On the go stores under license within some of their petrol stations and amenity buildings. In 2020, Asda announced that EG Group will be trialling 'Asda on the Move' stores in three petrol stations in the Midlands - a precursor to EG Group's purchase of Asda from Walmart.

The rapid expansion of EG Group has been largely attributed to the work of the Issa brothers, who built it up from humble beginnings. The brothers are reported to donate 2.5% of their wealth every year to charity and their Issa Foundation supports local hospitals and deprived schoolchildren.

Euro Garages Services

Euro Garages operate a wide variety of petrol and catering facilities across the country. There is only one which is officially signed from the motorway network:

There are five more large services close to the motorway network which resemble service stations, but are not signposted from the road (and therefore not regarded as official):

A-road Services Owned Outright

The following services are provided entirely (or almost entirely) by Euro Garages, either under that name or EG Group branding. Note that sites which are not signposted from the road are not included in this list.

Being included on this list doesn't mean it's a large service area, it just means they own most of what is there.

Supporting Facilities

The remaining lists show only services which are signposted from the road. These ones are operated by several companies, of which Euro Garages is one.

Supporting Forecourts

At these services Euro Garages operate a forecourt, alongside somebody else's restaurant.

Supporting Restaurants

Unlike those above, Euro Garages do not provide the fuel at the following services, but they provide some catering alongside other operators' facilities.

Closed Services

Euro Garages used to operate at the following official service areas, before they closed:

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