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Hot Food Co

Hot Food Co.
Hot Food Co.
Locations:2 Hot Food Co.
5 RestBite
Associated names:reStore, The Bread Kitchen
Removed:All year round Hot Food Co. - 2013
Predecessors:Foodfayre, onRoute, Restbite, Delice de France
Successors:Fresh Food Café

Hot Food Co. is another of Roadchef's self-branded restaurants, introduced in 2008 to complement the newly refurbished Strensham southbound. In 2010 it was then slowly introduced to other services.

Before then, the restaurant was known as Restbite, onRoute (prior to 2007) and then Foodfayre. Each one was simply a re-imaged version of its predecessor, proudly announcing an interest in freshly-cooked food.

Hot Food Co.'s main change is that it used a single ordering point rather than the free-flow restaurants traditionally associated with service areas, designed to address changing customer interests as fewer people use the restaurant.

Fresh Food Cafe is another self-branded Roadchef name which was first trialled at Watford Gap at the end of 2012. Roadchef then decided that because of this trial, Fresh Food Café is the way forward. After a promising start from Hot Food Co., it is now going to be removed.

In October 2012, Clacket Lane and Norton Canes gained a stand from The Bread Kitchen. However, these were removed in late 2013 as they did not prove popular with customers.

Hot Food Co. Locations

Hot Food Co. operate at four Roadchef services during the summer and busy times. They are:

Former Locations

Hot Food Co. used to operate at:

RestBite Locations

The following restaurants are branded as RestBite:

Former Locations

RestBite used to operate at:

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