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Associated names:reStore
Predecessors:Foodfayre, onRoute, Delice de France
Successors:Fresh Food Café

Restbite is the last of Roadchef's buffet-style restaurants, with the company moving towards the counter-orientated Fresh Food Café instead.

Despite this change, some Restbites continued to see refurbishment, moving them away from a green colour scheme used when it was introduced in 2007, to a black one. Roadchef appear to be maintaining Restbite in older-style, free-flow restaurant services, and the newer options in services built around a central dining area, which is what the whole estate is moving towards.

Prior to 2007, the restaurants were named onRoute, and before that Foodfayre. While each one was branded and themed slightly differently, they shared the same purpose, and would each proudly announce their interest in freshly-cooked food. Foodfayres had sections called Spaghetti Junction, Pizza Pasta and the Hot Range.


Restbite operate at several Roadchef services. They are:

Former Locations

Restbite used to operate at:

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