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Own brand

An example of a short-lived restaurant name

Own-brands (or Self-brand) are owned and operated by the main facilities provider, unlike franchises, own-brands are able to take all income from sales and will pay no commission for use of a name. MSA's started by running own branded facilities, but MSA's use of these brands are declining as the consumer seems to prefer known high-street brands and the standards which they portray. Some own-brands trade on their owners brand and others are created brands owned by the operator.

Extra were the last large user of this principle but succeedered to the franchise invasion, although Westmorland still prosper on the own-brand principle.

It can also be noted that the main operators still use own-brand restaurants, but have found to maintain custom without the licence name use, has required multiple re-branding in order to increase footfall.

More recent examples of own-brands: