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Coffee Primo

Coffee Primo
Coffee Primo
Associated names:Eat In
Predecessors:Cafe Forte
Inside the Coffee Primo at Warwick

Coffee Primo (previously Café Primo) was Welcome Break's own brand of coffee, introduced in 2002 and then phased out through 2010, being replaced by Starbucks. In 2006 a Starbucks was trialled alongside Coffee Primo at Corley but it didn't outsell it, so it was surprising when Welcome Break eventually announced that they would be rolling it out. Moto and Roadchef had both been using high street names as their coffee brand for a while.

Many services used to have two Coffee Primos - one accompanying Eat In at the main restaurant and the other forming a small lounge. Both had the same range of products, with baked goods, snacks and a variety of drinks. Some of those lounges would have once been Little Chefs. For a short while, Welcome Break painted their services orange as part of Coffee Primo's colour scheme.

Coffee Primo has won several awards such as 'Best Beverage Experience' and it came 25th in 'Europe's Top 50 Coffee Shops'. Welcome Break offered a system called Primo Pay, which allowed customers to pre-pay for their drink.

The last Coffee Primo was removed from Welcome Break's owned facilities at Eurotunnel UK Terminal in August 2013.


The first Cafe Primo opened at Birchanger Green in 1995. Claiming to be offering something different in a crowded and notorious market, it championed its Italian styling and was aimed at businesspeople.

It was described as "a passable imitation of a continental cafe" with marble tables and apparently genuine palm trees.

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