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The Burger Company

The Burger Company
The Burger Company
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The Burger Company was Roadchef's attempt at an own-brand fast food outlet. The Burger Company replaced Wimpy which had been at most of their services for over 10 years previously. They used The Burger Company as a holding name for sites which were soon to gain a McDonald's outlet, which was much more popular. This was the first time an operator had ever tried to tackle the fast food market with their own creation.

The Burger Company was trialled in Spring 2010 at Sandbach and Northampton northbound.

The Burger Company was not at all inspired by Burger King. Honestly.

Roadchef announced in September 2012 that they would be slowly fading out The Burger Company in the coming years in favour of McDonald's which they planned to roll out to a majority of their sites. Finally, on 4 January 2016, the final The Burger Company outlet closed at Roadchef's HQ site of Norton Canes.

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