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The Good Breakfast

The Good Breakfast
Locations:10 services
Predecessors:Harry Ramsden's

The Good Breakfast is Welcome Break's latest effort to satisfy the demand for a morning meal.

Most sites use a single ordering point and serve a simple menu of 'breakfast boxes', with a slogan which promises "good value", "good quality" and "good to go".

It is a rare example of Welcome Break designing and promoting their own brand. Since they closed Eat In in 2015, they have generally preferred to promote famous franchises instead.

The Good Breakfast was introduced during the COVID-19 lockdown, where all motorway operators were criticised for their lack of food choices. It remains to be seen whether this is a permanent solution. Before the first Good Breakfast was opened at South Mimms, Welcome Break promoted a food van called The Kitchen Pod at Leicester Forest East. That was removed after a few days.

The Breakfast Quandary

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Trying to fit a breakfast option among their brands has become a challenge for all service station providers. There are not many famous brands that offer one, and while a cooked breakfast is a popular meal in the morning, demand for it dries up over lunchtime.

Since 2015, Welcome Break have shut all their traditional cafés, and used Harry Ramsden's instead. This offered the usual menu on the afternoon, and a special "Harry's breakfast" menu in the morning.

While the breakfast menu was generally well received, many customers didn't consider it because they assumed Harry Ramsden's would only serve evening meals.

In 2020, Welcome Break took the unusual step of reintroducing a dedicated brand that very clearly sells breakfast. Despite its limited menu and short opening hours, it usually occupies a whole unit.


The Good Breakfast can be found at most Welcome Break service areas. These are: [view on a map -  Download KMLrefine search]

COVID-19 update: This list does not include temporary closures caused by COVID-19. General advice here.

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