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Little Chef Express

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Bangor Littlechefexpress.jpg
A Little Chef Express stand in 2013.

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The name Little Chef Express has had three incarnations during its run.

Forte Version

Little Chef Express.
One of the 1996 Little Chef Express logos.

It was first created in 1995 by Forte, who had been providing more takeaway outlets in their motorway services and began to feel people might expect the same of the larger Little Chefs.

Little Chef Express allowed some popular dishes to be quickly picked up and taken away. It was introduced to Markham Moor and believed to be an option for Forte to use with its Happy Eaters, but this didn't happen.

After Forte was taken over by Granada, the trial initially continued, with new takeaways at Sparkford, Eggington and Colchester. These had a blue colour scheme, neon lighting, promoted the word "diner" and used a logo showing Charlie moving quickly. They were removed after several months.

Granada Version

With all the brands newly acquired by Granada during the takeover, they began to re-think their restaurant options. Many of their larger Fresh Express restaurants at motorway services had a counter taking the name Little Chef Express.

Under Granada, Little Chef Express also made an appearance at railway stations and bus stations. Most of these did not last long.

RCapital Version

Coffee Tempo!
A Coffee Tempo! shortly before it was closed.

In 2012, RCapital decided to remove the 11 remaining Coffee Tempo! outlets, and instead named them Little Chef Express.

More restaurants had Little Chef Express added, including Popham, York East, West Knoyle, and the former Good to Go outlets at Podimore and Amesbury.

The Little Chef Express at Warminster was removed in favour of Subway.

However by February 2018 all Little Chef Expresses closed.

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