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Coffee Tempo!

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Coffee Tempo!
Associated names:Little Chef
Predecessors:Burger King
Successors:Little Chef Express

Coffee Tempo! was the name of Little Chef's takeaway offer, introduced in 2006. It was first introduced to Amesbury, and £1.1m was spent rolling it out to a further 16 restaurants with more planned.

The Coffee Tempo! range was usually provided in its own unit, sometimes a former Burger King or shop. It served a range of hot drinks, cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks and pastries.

It was created by a director responsible for BP's 'Wild Bean Café' following plans to introduce a Costa Coffee franchise to Little Chef, which fell down when they saw the size of the fees Costa were requesting.

While Coffee Tempo! may have been a very good attempt at creating an in-house brand, on a road network which became saturated by Costa and Starbucks this was perceived as the poor relation. By 2012, only 11 branches of Coffee Tempo! were left, and these were merged with Little Chef Express, while Little Chef entered a partnership with Lavazza.


Coffee Tempo! could be found at the following branches:

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