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ReStore (Roadchef)

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Locations:up to 20
Predecessors:Spar, RoadShop

reStore was Roadchef's own-brand name of shop. It was unusual for an operator to apply much branding to their shop, but reStore was stylised to look like the updated Roadchef logo, and the logo Roadchef used for the onRoute café.

As a shop, it was a standard newsagent-style affair. It was phased out in favour of WHSmith franchises, which was eventually rolled out to all its services.

Prior to using reStore, Roadchef used the name 'RoadShop' and also had a small experiment with Spar. More than 10 years later, Spar now being placed alongside WHSmith.

Former Locations[edit]

reStore used to be found at all Roadchef services: