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Road: M6 at J1
(also accessible to traffic on the A426)
Location: Cosford, Rugby, Warwickshire
Date planned: 2003-2005, 2016
Operator: Extra
Grid reference: SP513790 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Swinford, Misterton

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This is the proposed services on the M6. For the truckstop on the A5, see Rugby Truckstop.

A Rugby services has been proposed twice by two different operators, aiming to fill a gap which was originally set to be filled by Stretton-under-Fosse.

Motel facilities already exist at this junction in the form of a Premier Inn and associated Brewers Fayre (Central Park) pub-restaurant, to the south of the junction.

Extra Plans[edit]

Extra would have built in the south-western quadrant of J1. Their plan was rejected as it would have contravened the council's policy and would have involved building on green belt land.

However, Extra said there was a need for a new service area in this region, and there was no other suitable site, having just had another application for a service area at J20 of the M1 refused. They also argued that the services could relieve pressure on the lay-bys along the A426, but the Warwickshire County Council said that they hadn't taken this into account in their traffic forecasts.

Extra said that if the plans were refused they'd go to appeal anyway as all of their successful applications were won on appeal. As part of the plans the J1 roundabout would have been widened and lit.

250 jobs would have been created by the plans. There would have been parking for 380 cars, 10 caravans, 18 coaches and 60 lorries, with the potential to expand it further.

Moto Plans[edit]

In September 2016, Moto announced they would be submitting a formal planning application to build a service area at this junction, in the north-west corner. Moto have been looking to add to their estate for some time, and have previously considered a site on the M25.

Since Extra's original plans were cancelled, the Highways Agency have suggested they don't want to see any more services built at junctions, unless there is no other option available. Moto's proposal involves building an outer loop to the roundabout on the north side, which has passed traffic modelling assessments.

The site will be shaped around the existing farm, with the petrol station to the east of it and the amenity building to the west. The amenity building will be similar to Wetherby, with a dining area at the front and units at the back. To the west, an earth bund doubles up as a nature area, with the hotel next to it.

In November 2017, Rugby Borough Council approved the plans.

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