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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme
Locations:1 motorway store
81 motorway cabinets
Associated names:WHSmith, Papa John's Pizza, West Cornwall Pasty Company
Successors:Harry Ramsden's
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Twitter: @krispykremeUK

Krispy Kreme stands were introduced to Moto services in 2009, before being delivered to Welcome Break and Roadchef services as well. The stands, which are similar to those found in Tesco supermarkets, offer a selection of doughtnuts outside a WHSmith store. They are then paid for in the shop.

In December 2012, a full Krispy Kreme store opened at Oxford, which was the only one at a motorway service area. It was replaced by Harry Ramsden's in 2014, but one has since been added to Norton Canes services.

In summer 2017, Moto combined Kripsy Kreme cabinets with the opening of West Cornwall Pasty Company outlets at Extra services.


Krispy Kreme can be found at most services and some forecourts. They are:

Former Locations

Krispy Kreme has been removed from the following services: