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Granada 2Go

Granada 2Go
Associated names:Fresh Express
Successors:Upper Crust

Not to be confused with Domino's 2Go

Cherwell Valley front.jpg
All of the built extensions took the same design. This is one at Cherwell Valley.

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Towards the end of their run in the late 1990s, Granada began to look at quicker ways to get people in and out of their services, which finally became fashionable in the late 2000s.

As the idea of using franchised catering brands was still new to the motorway at the time, Granada tried to achieve this using three of their own creations: Fresh Express, Coffee Bar and Granada 2Go.

Granada 2Go involved extending the lobby at the front of their busiest services, making it difficult for people to avoid their coffee and sandwich offer, and saving space in the main restaurant area.

The brand was designed by BDG McColl and was planned to be introduced to 35 of Granada's 47 sites, with only a couple ever materialising. However, when they took over Granada, Compass decided Upper Crust met the specification better. Those Upper Crusts later became Caffe Ritazza, and in 2011 Moto introduced Costa and West Cornwall Pasty Company stands to the front of their services.