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West Cornwall Pasty Co.

West Cornwall Pasty Co.
West Cornwall Pasty Co.
Locations:Motorway Outlets: 16
Motorway Cabinets: 22
Associated names:Upper Crust, Greggs, Waitrose
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Twitter: @WCornwallPasty

An offering from Cornwall which opened its doors on the M4 beside Upper Crust, West Cornwall Pasty Co was introduced to Reading in early 2011 as part of a trial to replace Upper Crust, a leftover from Moto's former owners. West Cornwall Pasty Co has been around for a long time concentrating on stores at railway stations, and now has chosen to enter the motorway services sector.

The curious thing is that West Cornwall Pasty Co is a throwback to some of the oldest services. Before the days where the majority of customers would pop by only for the toilets, crowded services would sell snacks from the outside of the building to stop the restaurant overflowing.

In November 2016, Welcome Break introduced cabinets into all their Waitrose stores.

Motorway Locations


West Cornwall Pasty Co. operate outlets at some Moto services. They are:


West Cornwall Pasty Co. have cabinets in all Welcome Break Waitrose stores as well as some Rontec forecourts. They are:

A-road Locations

West Cornwall Pasty Co. now operate within some Rontec forecourts. These include: