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Associated names:BP, Shell, Texaco, Hursts, Londis, Costa, Subway
Predecessors:MRH, Murco, Shell
Headquarters address:Motor Fuel Limited
Building 2
Abbey View
Everard Close
St Albans
Phone number:01727 898890

MFG (Motor Fuel Group) is currently the biggest forecourt operator in the UK, and are frequently in the news for their new acquisitions, recently including MRH, which was completed in June 2018.


MFG was formed on the basis that a new subsidary company would be formed every time the founders acquired a new series of sites, making the business easier to manage. Under its own independent banner, MFG grew to over 900 sites, and they are currently working on bringing all the companies under one banner.

They formerly used Costcutter as a shop brand, but entered a deal with Booker in 2016, bringing Budgens and Londis into their network. Most Costcutter stores were re-branded by the end of 2016.

The company continues to grow with more acquisitions in from major retailers, with recent deals including sites from MRH, Shell and BP.


MFG operate forecourts at the following services: