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Little Chef Choices

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Little Chef Choices was the name of a short-lived format of Little Chef restaurant, created by Compass.

Introduced to the larger restaurants in 2001, Compass wanted to take advantage of the number of catering names they owned, and increase the variety of options available to customers.

A Choices restaurant gave customers the option of Caffe Ritazza, Upper Crust, Wiseguys Pizza and Harry Ramsden's. New furniture was provided for the refurbishment.

Little Chef Classics.
The Little Chef Classics logo.

The roll-out followed Granada's introduction of Little Chef Express to motorway service areas, and their introduction of Burger King to Little Chef. At the same time, Compass registered the name Little Chef Classics, but it's not thought this was used.

The Harry Ramsden's offer was removed in 2004, with Harry Ramsden's saying they wanted to be known for their standalone restaurants.

Dreghorn was intended to become a Little Chef Choices, but the whole concept was withdrawn before it could be introduced.


The following branches became Little Chef Choices:

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