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< return to Welcome Break We list 30 services which are wholly or partially operated by Welcome Break, details of which are included below. Tapping the links down the left column will provide you with more information on each service area, such as their facilities and exact location.

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Services Location Rating
Abington M74 and A74(M) at J13 3 star
Birchanger Green M11 at J8 3 star
Burtonwood M62 at J8 4 star
Cardiff Gate M4 at J30 3 star
Charnock Richard M6 between J27 and J28 4 star
Corley M6 between J3 and J3A 3 star
Derby South A50 near Derby 3 star
A1 south of Newark
Fleet M3 between J4A and J5 3 star
Gordano M5 at J19 3 star
Gretna A74(M) between J21 and J22 4 star
Hartshead Moor M62 between J25 and J26 3 star
Hopwood Park M42 at J2 3 star
Keele M6 between J15 and J16 3 star
Kirby Hill
A1(M) between J48 and J49
Leicester Forest East M1 between J21 and J21A 3 star
London Gateway M1 between J2 and J4 3 star
Membury M4 between J14 and J15 3 star
Michaelwood M5 between J13 and J14 3 star
Newport Pagnell M1 between J14 and J15 3 star
Oxford M40 at J8A and A40 3 star
Peartree A34 on the Oxford Ring Road 3 star
M1 at J33
Rothwell Truckstop A14 at J3 3 star
Sarn Park M4 at J36 3 star
Sedgemoor (North) M5 northbound between J21 and J22 3 star
South Mimms M25 at J23 and A1(M) at J1 3 star
Telford M54 at J4 2 star
Warwick M40 between J12 and J13 3 star
Woodall M1 between J30 and J31 3 star

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