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Red Hen

Red Hen
Associated names:Cafe Primo, The Granary
Predecessors:Little Chef
Successors:Coffee Primo
The original Red Hen logo
The later logo

Red Hen was a self-branded sit-in waitress restaurant available at all Welcome Breaks. It was created after Granada bought Welcome Break, and provided all their services with Little Chef and Travelodge. However, when Welcome Break were sold in 1996 they were forced to create their own alternatives, hence Welcome Lodge and Red Hen.

The original Red Hen used a farm-inspired demand to provide food from The Granary, but with a waitress, freeing up The Granary to become more self-service. When The Granary was removed, Red Hen evolved to lose the farm theme and focus on the fresh food.

In 2004 all the Red Hens became Coffee Primo Lounges.