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Locations:up to 3
Successors:Granada, Ross, BP
The Mobil logo in 1970

Mobil, the same company as the fuel company, built three services and then sold them to BP, Granada and Ross in the late 1970s. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to their services, but the idea of a fuel company running UK motorway services isn't a new one - in the '70s Esso built several services under the name Taverna.

As many of their services were small sites, during the 1980s they had special permission to provide catering by vending machine only.

In the case of Reading, Stafford and Warwick, Mobil used to provide the fuel at these services, and may have designed the original buildings here too. Each petrol station included a shop called 'Mobil Mart'.


The following services were owned by Mobil:

Mobil used to provide the fuel at Warwick North on the A46, now a BP.

Unbuilt services