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Esso is the brand used by ExxonMobil in the UK for forecourt fuel sales. Formally both Esso and Mobil brands were used in the UK before their merger. It was announced on 12th April 2013 that Euro Garages have bought 45 Esso filling stations as part of Esso selling off about half of their 9,500 UK filling stations over the next few years.

Taverna / Mobil

In the early 1960s, Esso had refused to become the operator of any motorway service areas. They then put in a surprise ambitious bid for Heston, which was rejected on the assumption they weren't really interested.

Esso went on to operate several whole motorway service areas under the name Taverna, gaining their first one by chance. Mobil (pre-merger) had MSAs under the Mobil brand too.

Forecourt Facilities available at Esso

On The Run and Snack & Shop

Like the major forecourt operators, Esso had branded its convenience shops on filling station forecourts under the title 'On The Run'. The 'On The Run' shop in some cases included the 'On The Run Cafe' which generally, but not always, was associated with a form of Costa outlet.

Another one of Esso branded convenience shops on the filling station forecourts were the 'Snack & Shop'. The 'Snack & Shop' provided for quick and easy snacks to grab and go with. Most of the 'Snack & Shop' shops also had Costa Express included in store.

By 1st November 2015, all of the Esso owned forecourts were sold off. At the same time as the Shell corporate sales, around 150 of these forecourts were sold to Euro Garages, 19 sites were sold to Rontec and around 70 were sold to MRH. Euro Garages are in the process of converting all of their stores to Spar, the former On the Run Café/Costa cafes to Subway and/or Greggs and introducing Starbucks on the Go, which in some cases have replaced Costa Express. MRH are keeping the former branding currently, and Rontec have introduced their own brand Shop 'n Drive, Costa Express and, in most cases, Subway.

Pay @ The Pump

At some of Esso's sites across the UK, they give you the option and ask if you would like to 'Pay @ The Pump'. Pay @ The Pump is available at most Moto sites. Shell have also recently introduced the 'Pay at Pump' system too.

Rontec & Shop 'n Drive

Rontec, the company who took over Total, also use Esso branded filling stations. Their filling stations are open 24 hours. Most filling stations contain Shop 'n Drive, Rontec's own branded convenience store.

Tesco Clubcard

Participating Esso stores allow customers to gain Tesco Clubcard points when they fill up with fuel. Participating forecourts will advertise this from the road.


Esso operate at some Moto, Roadchef and Westmorland services. They are:

A-road Services

Former Locations

Please note that these lists are incomplete and focus largely on the a-roads already covered on this site.

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