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Lucky Coin

Lucky Coin
Associated names:Ladbrokes
Successors:Full Hou$e
Opening hours:24 hours

Moto's game arcades carry three names: Full Hou$e, Lucky Coin and &Play. Between them, there are arcade games and gambling machines, with prizes of up to £500-£1000.

The facility is thought to be highly profitable, mainly among lorry drivers taking a legal rest break. To ensure children are kept away, units are sealed and require the player to request access using a button before being checked by staff.

Recently, Lucky Coin has been scaled back in favour of the other two brands. Prior to this, the name GScape was used. That one was created by Granada, but continued in to the Moto era, with the one at Severn View lasting a further 10 years.


Lucky Coin, Full Hou$e and &Play operate at many Moto services: