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Marks and Spencer Simply Food

M&S Simply Food
M&S Simply Food
Locations:33 MSAs
Associated names:BP, WHSmith
Predecessors:EDC, Scoop, T2
Opening hours:MSAs open daily, 7am - 10pm
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Twitter: @marksandspencer

M&S Simply Food (originally introduced as Marks and Spencer Simply Food) are an express-format offshoot of Marks and Spencer's food hall. On the motorways, it can now be found at most Moto services, including units at Extra services which Moto run, as well as many BP petrol stations.

The shops proved popular and many were extended to form mini-supermarkets, taking up a lot of shopping space and pushing out some smaller shops situated alongside.

M&S impressed Holiday Which? Magazine, who said that the stores could be "well worth driving on the motorway for alone". The first one opened at Toddington southbound in 2004, and the one at Donington Park had to be extended. Everybody loves them.

Moto were also the first to find a loophole in the law which meant that by renaming the operator of some of their services to 'Moto M&S', they could advertise the new shop. Moto services which have an M&S and a Costa don't actually refer to Moto on their signs, instead they use the name 'Costa M&S'.

Welcome Break have partnered up with Waitrose to rival the Moto-M&S connection.

In 2016, Moto began to roll out M&S Coffee to Go machines.


The link between Moto and M&S was made after Granada (who spent a lot of time developing shopping areas) noted that they needed something simple to cope with sudden rushes of customers. They said they wanted a retail outlet where you can walk in and see high-quality food and other products around you. Five services were earmarked to get the new brand but in practice it took them five years to roll it out.

By now M&S Simply Food had set up railway station stores operated by SSP, who like Moto were part of Compass at the time, so the partnership was natural.


Marks and Spencer Simply Food operate at most Moto services, and now some Extra as well as BP. They are:

A-road Services

M&S Simply Food branded locations in association with Moto and Extra (operated by Moto):

M&S Simply Food branded locations in association with BP:

Please note that these lists are incomplete and focus largely on the a-roads already covered on this site.

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