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RoadRatingTelephone numbersort by distance
Barton ParkA1(M)/A1 at J563 star01325 3777775000x
BirchM62 between J18 and J193 star0161 643 0911060.9
BlythA1(M)/A1 at J343 star01909 5918414000
BridgwaterM5 at J243 star01278 456800196
Burton-in-Kendalnorthbound onlyM6 northbound between J35 and J364 star01524 781234399
Cardiff WestM4 at J333 star029 2089 1141247
Cherwell ValleyM40 at J10 and A434 star01869 346060085-x
ChieveleyM4 at J13 and A343 star01635 248024044
Doncaster (North)M18 at J5 and M1803 star01302 847700283
DoningtonM1 at J23a and J24, A42 and A503 star01509 672220182
Dover PortWithin Eastern Docks, DoverNot applicable01304 213883124
ExeterM5 at J303 star01392 436266556
FerrybridgeM62 at J33 and A13 star01977 6727674137
FrankleyM5 between J3 and J43 star0121 5503131016.3
Grantham NorthA1 near Grantham3 star01476 563451382
HestonM4 between J2 and J33 star020 85802152020
Hilton ParkM6 between J10a and J114 star01922 412237204
KinrossM90 at J63 star01577 863123x1
KnutsfordM6 between J18 and J193 star01565 634167287
LancasterM6 between J32 and J333 star01524 791775374
Leeming BarA1(M) at J513 starNot listed4319
Leigh DelamereM4 between J17 and J183 star01666 837691155.7
LymmM6 at J20 and M56 at J93 star01925 757777298/29
MedwayM2 between J4 and J53 star01634 23690060
Pease PottageM23 at J11 and A233 star01293 56285253
ReadingM4 between J11 and J123 star0118 956 6966030-x
SaltashA38 between Plymouth and Bodmin2 starNot listed580
Scotch CornerA1(M) at J53 and A663 star01325 3777264332
Severn ViewM48 at J1, M4 at J21 and J223 star01454 632851194
SouthwaiteM6 between J41 and J423 star016974 73476477
Stafford (North)northbound onlyM6 northbound between J14 and J153 star01785 811188234
StirlingM9 at J9 and M80 at J64 star01786 813614x1
Swansea WestM4 at J473 star01792 896222306
TamworthM42 at J10 and A54 star01827 260120052
ThurrockM25 at J30 and J31, A13 and A2823 star01708 865487186
TivertonM5 at J273 star01884 829423531
ToddingtonM1 between J11 and J123 star01525 878400061.5
TodhillsM6 between J44 and J453 star01228 674689498
TrowellM1 between J25 and J263 star0115 932 0291200
WarminsterA36 near Warminster3 starNot listed800
WashingtonA1(M) between J64 and J653 star0191 41034367520x
WetherbyA1(M) at J464 star01937 5450804261
WinchesterM3 between J8 and J93 star01962 791140096.4
Woolley EdgeM1 between J38 and J393 star01924 830371287

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