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Oliver hyam
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Headquarters address:Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Hello I'm Oliver and I love motorway services! Here you can find out a little about me and what I love about motorway services!

My First Service Station Visit[edit]

My first visit to a service station that I can remember was when I was travelling to Wales to see my Uncle and Aunt when I was about 5 years old and we made a stop at Leigh Delamere Westbound. We still often use this MSA today so it has always been a traditional stop en route to Wales!

My Local Service Station[edit]

The nearest service station to where I live is Fleet Services. Despite living near this MSA, I have only stopped here twice! Once with my mate for a KFC and the other was when me, my Dad and my brother actually cycled into the northbound services using the side roads!

My Favourite Service Station[edit]

My favourite service station is probably Lancaster Northbound. The Pennine Tower makes the stop here very interesting

My Worst Service Station[edit]

There isn't one!

My Most Interesting Service Station[edit]

An odd one but the most interesting service station in my opinion is Markfield. I visited the site in 2015 and it was just interesting seeing what remained of the derelict main building! The old Burger King branding and furniture for example told a tale of its past.

Pages I have Created[edit]

Name of page created Date created
A9 20/01/2015.
Barnetby Top 01/01/2015
Dreghorn 24/01/2015
Good to Go 19/01/2015
Kentford 28/01/2015
Redwings Lodge 25/01/2015

MSAs and TRSAs Visited[edit]

Services Name Road Side
Acle A47 N/A
Babraham A11 N/A
Baldock A1(M) N/A
Barton Mills A11 Both
Barton Stacey A303 Westbound
Beacon Hill A14 N/A
Beaconsfield M40 N/A
Beckington A36 N/A
Besthorpe A11 Northbound
Birch M62 Both
Birchanger Green M11 N/A
Brampton A1/A14 N/A
Bridgwater M5 N/A
Cambridge A14 N/A
Capel St Mary A12 Both
Cardiff West M4 N/A
Cherwell Valley M40 N/A
Chieveley M4 N/A
Cirencester A417 N/A
Clacket Lane M25 Eastbound
Cobham M25 N/A
Colsterworth A1 N/A
Corley M6 Both
Countess A303 N/A
Crewe M6 N/A
Donington Park M1 N/A
Ely A10 N/A
Feering A12 Northbound
Fenstanton A14 Eastbound
Fleet M3 Both
Gloucester M5 Both
Gordano M5 N/A
Grantham North A1 N/A
Gretna Green A74(M) N/A
Hartshead Moor M62 Both
Hopwood Park M42 N/A
Ilminster A303 N/A
Kentford (closed) A14 Both
Kettering A14 Both
Knutsford M6 Both
Lancaster M6 Northbound
Leicester Forest East M1 Both
Leigh Delamere M4 Both
Lymm M6/M56 N/A
Magor M4 N/A
Markfield M1/A50 N/A
Membury M4 Both
Michaelwood M5 Both
Monmouth A40 Westbound
Newmarket A11/A14 Both
Newport Pagnell M1 Northbound
Northampton M1 Southbound
Norton Canes M6 Toll N/A
Oxford M40 N/A
Pont Abraham M4 N/A
Popham A303 Westbound
Reading M4 Westbound
Ross Spur A40 Westbound
Rothwell A14 Eastbound
Rownhams M27 Westbound
Sandbach M6 Both
Sarn Park M4 N/A
Scotch Corner A1 N/A
Sedgemoor South M5 Southbound
Severn View M48 N/A
Shrewsbury A5 N/A
Sourton Cross A30 N/A
South Mimms M25/A1(M)/A1 N/A
Southwaite M6 Northbound
Stafford North M6 Northbound
Stafford South M6 Southbound
Strensham M5 Both
Swansea M4 N/A
Symonds Yat A40 Eastbound
Talke A34/A500 Both
Taunton Deane M5 Southbound
Tebay M6 Northbound
Thetford A11 Northbound
Thickthorn A11/A47 N/A
Thrapston A14 N/A
Thurrock M25 N/A
Tibshelf M1 Southbound
Toddington M1 Northbound
Todhills M6 Both
Trowell M1 Both
Warminster A36 N/A
Warwick M40 Both
Watford Gap M1 Northbound
Willoughby Hedge A303 N/A
Winchester M3 Southbound
Woodall M1 Both
Woolley Edge M1 Both

MSA's and TRSA's I have Visited (Map)[edit]

Oliver hyam has visited 67 UK services (57%). Here they are on a map:

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