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Locations:38 MSAs
Associated names:Welcome Break, Extra, Euro Garages, Texaco
Predecessors:BP, Esso, Total
Successors:BP, Esso, Topaz
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Twitter: @ShellintheUK

Shell are Welcome Break's fuel provider of choice, and were recently introduced to all Extra services, giving them strong market coverage. Larger forecourts sell LPG supplied by Autogas.

In 1966 Shell had taken an interest in operating what eventually became Burton-in-Kendal and Tebay services on their own.

As a Leaseholder

Full details: Shell as a Leaseholder

Shell themselves operate a lot of Shell sites, usually using the 'Select' (or 'Shell Select') brand for Shell's larger convenience stores at filling station forecourts (some smaller stations still use the old brand Shell Shop). They sell various brands including own-brand Deli2go products. All shops include Costa Express machines.


Shell used to operate across the Republic of Ireland, but these forecourts were sold to Topaz following the controversy surrounding their involvement to and response to the Corrib gas controversy and Rossport protests.


Shell operate at most Extra services, Roadchef services and Welcome Break services. They are:

A-road Services

Former Locations

Shell no longer operates at the following services:

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